A little insight about Houseboats!!

During the time of the British Raj, The British were fond of Kashmir due to its climate and they came and stayed on locally made Doonga Boats, An idea of converting the Doonga Boats in to luxury houseboats came to pass, using Kashmir's best and most artistic craftsmen, using the beautiful local walnut timber, the Houseboats could take some 5 years to build, all handmade fabric are used the traditional way for curtains and linen, all fixtures are also handmade, The Kashmir Houseboat is now iconic worldwide and held in very high regard for its traditional values.

Are the novelty in Kashmir came into existence during the British Raj- Britishers were very fond of the place, they found Kashmir the perfect place for Holidays and to get away for nature lovers, Adventurers, Explorers, Writers, Painters. During the British Raj – most of the people in Kashmir lived in Dongas – “Floating Houses – This use to be the places where people used to live. Most of the people visiting Kashmir during this time as a tourist use to come to Kashmir for months at a time- This very idea gave birth to Boats for Tourist in Kashmir. Famous writers – Painters – Trekkers came flocking to Kashmir – Stayed Houseboats.

For the start these boats were simple and mostly with two bedrooms and a living areas and where rented out for moths and even years. After years new ideas come and lot of luxuries were added for the comfort of the tourist, Houseboats in Kashmir became very popular for western tourist especially for people coming from United Kingdom and other part of Europe. Now after nearly 40 years of existence of Naaz Kashmir- has come up with the updated version of Kashmir Houseboats in Kashmir. Keeping in mind the demands of Travellers we have come up with the Central heated Houseboat in Kashmir- This is a Canadian Technology used to provide Central heating in winters and Cooling in summers.

Naaz Also provide the Wi-Fi Service to you connected with the world. Perfect place to experience the Srinagar Luxury Houseboats in Kashmir. Visiting Kashmir and not experiencing the Luxury Houseboats in Kashmir is not enjoying the Hospitality of Kashmir itself, so came and give us the opportunity to serve you and give you the true definition Kashmir Hospitality and True Luxury Houseboats in Kashmir.