Sean Tribe

I recently traveled through several different parts of India I would say that all the tours were high quality. My first tour was through Srinigar and surrounding areas during the last week of Ramadan July 2014. . While in Srinigar I stayed on a lovely houseboat Naaz Kashymir located in a quiet part of one of the busy lakes of Kashmir. The boat booking included the services of a personal chef, which was a nice touch.

This first tour consisted of visits to the old Mosques in Srinigar, Gulmarg, a day of fly-fishing, and a stay at very beautiful camp by a river in the mountains. The accommodations were all first rate. A local, Munar, was my guide for this part of the trip. He was both knowledgeable and personable. I felt like I was on a trip with a friend who was showing me around his hometown.